Spray Tanning – A Great Alternative of Sun Tanning

According to the assessment of American Cancer Society this year, they are expecting to diagnose approximately 76,000 melanomas cases since sun tanning is increasingly affecting the skin of people. This might be the reason why Dr Franc Mc George, a renowned skin specialist, has expressed his views on spray tanning being a safer alternative to sun tanning since it doesn’t expose you to the harmful ultra violate rays of the sun. Spray tanning in Gold Coast is gaining great popularity owing to the concerns and consciousness about skin problems due to sun tanning. Therefore, enthusiasts are keen on trying safer alternatives of sun tanning.

What is Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is basically splattering a mist of a chemical that reacts with your skin to turn into a bronze shade. The main chemical component that causes the tanning effect is Dihydrooxyacetone. The result of spray tanning lasts for 3 to 7 days maximum and is speculated to be safe on your skin.

Advantages of Spray Tanning

· Since the mist is sprayed evenly throughout your body, there is no chance of patchiness, or uneven tanned shades on your skin.

· You can get spray tanning done and stay tanned and boost your personality all around the year.

· No need to wait for a sunny day to get tanned.

· Hide all your skin spots, blemishes, dark spots or stretch marks with even toned tanning with spray.

· If you are allergic to sun rays, this tanning method is perfect for you.

· Choose your preferred color tone for tanning, and acquire the desired shade.

· Just invest 15 minutes instead of hours under the sun to get lovely and attractive tanned skin.

Precautions for Spray tanning

According to some studies and researches, it has been revealed that the mist with DHA in it can affect the mucous membranes adversely. Therefore, all you need to check while getting the services of spray tanning in Gold Coast is to safe guard your eyes and nose. However, the tanning specialists in Gold Coast strictly perform tanning sessions with adequate safety measures so as to protect you from any hazard.

Why get spray tanning done from professionals

· Tanning sessions under conducted expert supervision.

· Customized tanning deals for you are usually offered by most of the professional service providers.

· Budget programs of spray tanning are also available with some.

· Special seasonal offers and discounts are often designed for you.

Therefore, spray tanning in Gold Coast has emerged as a current craze. There are many professionals who offer high-end services at reasonable prices. Therefore, you can find a provider easily in the Gold Coast. Before enrolling for a session you can enquire about the duration of the tanning session, its cost, tan shades offered by them, etc. and other details so as to make up your mind. Go through some of the user reviews and customer feedbacks over the net to analyze which provider is rated best in the region. Then you can finalize a tanning session as per your convenience and schedule.

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