Special Qualities of French Cuisine

Bangkok is a city that has a growing commercial industry that particularly excels in food and restaurant. As a matter of fact, a french restaurant bangkok has to offer is guaranteed to satisfy every food lover’s taste and craving. There are a number of restaurants to dine in the city, making it easily accessible to everyone who wants to experience France in Asia.

There is something about French cuisine that makes someone feel sophisticated and living the “high life”. After all, it’s mostly about drinking wine and eating bread! Someone dining in a French restaurant Bangkokoffers may even find his or her pinkie sticking out with every sip of good wine.

But what makes French cuisine special? What are the qualities that makes it real and authentic?

To begin with, French food or cooking is known to possess very rich flavors. Breakfast is in course and starts with the popular French baguette. It is served with very rich chocolate that can either be spread or dipped. Again, this can be taken for dinner but with the alteration of the coffee with wine. Wine is said to balance the rich chocolate taste. When visiting a French restaurant Bangkok has, one will always find a specific ingredient – truffles. This is a fungus that grows on trees and has a very strong and distinct taste but when added to food, it will taste exquisitely. French restaurants always serve dishes that are cooked with this famous French ingredient.

And let’s not forget about CHEESE. This is something that is served in all meals of the day, including desserts, as well. Cheese also makes the best and most appropriate partner for the best wine. It can either be grated, melted/heated, or baked, among many other procedures.

Another reason that makes the French food distinct and unique is how the dishes are cooked.  The “flambe'” is a technique used to finish the dish by incorporating alcohol and then lighting it up. This is said to bring a specific taste to any dish, and is what makes French cuisine rich in flavors.  It is also very noticeable how vegetables in French restaurants are sliced in a delightful style. This means that the veggies are julienne-styled and cut in sticks or strips to make it easier to eat and munch on. To saute’  means that food is cooked in very high heat and with fats, too.  The words “fat” and “french” are somehow contradictory as French women are known to be very slim and skinny. Despite the richness of the food and the love for food of the people, it’s amazing how the ladies remain to be in the best shape!

French cuisine is something that should be enjoyed. There is no such thing as diet to the locals. If eating and food preparation is done slowly, so does the part where one gets to eat it. This is the way to taste the flavors and appreciate the richness of it all. This is the reason why dining in a French restaurant is always an exciting experience because one gets to taste the culture of the country.

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