How can you create a natural barrier against mosquitoes

With the rising number of mosquito-borne infections such as the Lyme disease and West-Nile, most summer merrymakers are quite worried about the harmful effects of mosquito bites. The mosquito infestations all through the summer invariably cause people to run for the most effective Australian mosquito repellent, which is made of natural oils and ingredients instead of immersing in the pungent smelling, strong, chemical based insect repellent. The efficacy of this DEET and chemical free mosquito repellent is quite appreciable, and it is also a much safer choice for people who either have allergies, or have children at home.

Why mosquitoes appear in summer

It is such a great time when summer approaches with its bright sunny mornings and pleasantly calming afternoon breeze. You can pull out your sunscreens, favourite game, swimsuit and all that is required to enjoy the summer warmth. However, along with this fun and amusement, you get an unwanted buzz of pesky mosquitoes.

Besides using a natural mosquito repellent, you must know when your body is the most vulnerable to mosquito attacks. Mosquitoes are attracted by carbon dioxide, and so when you are sweating or have been working out, mosquitoes tend to get attracted. They are also enticed to moisture, especially perspiration. Therefore, when you exercise or eat foods rich in salt and potassium content, the biological system produces and releases a lot of lactic acid that causes the mosquito to be attracted towards you.

Choose what really works

Most people, therefore, are moving towards using organic Australian mosquito repellent that has proven to be a great choice in place of conventional chemical-based repellents containing DEET. You must choose the mosquito repellent that is safe for all members of your family, including children and pets, is environment friendly and 100 percent natural without any chemicals and DEET. Besides, it should be functional and convenient to use, easily portable, and should suit all skin types, including people with sensitive skin.

Plant based mosquito repellents are used to provide an efficient protection from insects and mosquito bites. These repellents mostly contain lemon and eucalyptus oils, and can offer a protection for about six to eight hours. Soya bean oil based repellents are also quite effective besides citronella, which is also very popular. Most of these products are water proof and not washed off even after swimming.

Other variants of mosquito repellents:

Besides the ointments and natural oil based solutions, there is also a wide range of mosquito repellent wristbands available. They are specially designed to fit the wrists of the adult and children both, and are non-toxic and can provide a relief for 48 hours. If you are absolutely inexperienced in using any Australian mosquito repellent, then you can give it a try because it is free from chemicals and effective.

There are also mosquito wipes and patches. These are great to prevent mosquito bites, as well as protect the skin from skin eruptions and rashes that may have been caused by mosquito bites. Mosquito bites can be really dangerous and cause allergic reaction and skin irritation because of the harmful substances present in mosquito’s saliva.

Therefore, you can use these mosquito repellent products in order to protect your family from malaria, encephalitis, dengue fever and all other destructive mosquito-borne diseases.

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