Choosing Independent Medical Examinations for Unbiased Results

Many times you may have to go through some physical or medical examinations for various purposes such as for medical claims. Then this examination is done by a physician who has no prior relationship with you. These are known as independent medical examinations. You or someone related to you has to undergo such examination if there is certain accident or work related injury, and the liability of the injury becomes an issue. Thus, during such situations, third party investigation is required so that you can get worker’s compensation or insurance claim.

This is natural that the independent medical examinations should be done properly without any prejudice. A lot of things of both the concerned parties depend on the result of the examination. So, it’s necessary that the physician is chosen after due diligence. Below are a few things that you need to consider:

While looking for an IME, it’s necessary that the practitioner gives an accurate and thorough report of the examination conducted by him. Certain questions that may help to choose the right physician are…

Medical expertise

Ask and find out if the physician in question has the necessary medical expertise. They should have qualified the necessary evaluation tests so that they can conduct such examination. A certified physician will be of great help. They have the professional skills to conduct such an examination. They should also be able to do drug and alcohol assessments if the particular incident requires so.

Knowledge and experience

It is obvious that someone is awarded the degree of Doctor only after he or she has enough knowledge. However, when it comes to independent medical examinations, many people will hide a lot of information. So, it’s necessary that they have that knowledge to judge that everything is fine. Moreover, the more experience the physician has, the better it is.

They should be up to date and must have information on the latest medical practices.

Professional reputation

Many times, IME may be helpful in resolving cases related to psychological injury claims. In such a situation, it becomes very important that the physician is unbiased and gives a proper report of the examination conducted by him. He should follow the ethical standards of the medical profession, and thus, it is required that he has a good professional reputation.

Time required for getting appointment

Although, it may not seem a very vital issue, yet it is important. Like in psychiatric injury claims, every moment that is wasted may not be able to do proper assessment of the patient. Thus, it’s necessary that you get an appointment with the physician as quick as possible. Look for physicians who understand the emergency of these tests and give appointment fast.

To conclude

It is necessary that independent medical examination is performed by a physician who can provide a non-partial medical opinion. If they have implemented best practices, then they can be able to give an unbiased result. There are a number of physicians who can do this; however, while choosing someone for you, it is necessary that you choose the one who is professional and understands the importance of the situation.

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